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Our most affordable and easy to use telemetry system.
Wireless Telemetry, License-Free

All EZ SCADA units feature bi-directional communication using the 900 MHz radio band. This license-free, spread-spectrum radio technology allows small systems to be set up with little effort and expense.

Digital and Analog I/O

The embedded microcontroller requires no programming or calibration from the user. Each EZ SCADA includes either 2, 4 or 8 digital and analog input and output pairs.

Host to Multi-Point and Point-to-Point

EZ SCADA systems can be easily designed to fit your needs.
With a host to multi-point system, a central host can transmit and receive data with multiple remote sites.

Also, with the ability to relay data, EZ SCADA can be used in a point to point system, allowing a large area to be covered with less hardware.

Battery Backup

With a built-in 12 volt battery, you’ll never have to worry about power outage downtime.


Northern Data Systems is a licensed reseller of control engineering products. We only work with the top product suppliers in the industry.
Reach out to our sales staff: or call (240) 354-7024.


2 dry contact and 2 analog inputs
2 relay contact and 2 analog outputs

4 dry contact and 4 analog inputs
4 relay contact and 4 analog outputs    

8 dry contact and 8 analog inputs
8 relay contact and 8 analog outputs    

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